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Personal entry, Encrypted: April 6, 2517 Apr. 7th, 2005 @ 04:11 pm
I'm somewhat disappointed in what we've been given to work with. We are not combat soldiers, true, but I cannot imagine wanting to go into a job where your life may be forfeit without being certain that you can handle yourself. More disappointing than the lack of skills is the lack of caring. I wonder how many of my new agents have ever seen combat of any shape, or a tight situation in which a quick hand with a knife could be the difference between life and death.

Aric is cocky. He's fortunately also good at what he does, but I'm afraid that his ego will cause trouble for him. I can already see the tensions rising in the crew. Teamwork is, I fear, not something he's overly familiar with. I'll need to see about giving him some smaller tasks so I can be certain he can do the job with anyone, even if he doesn't like it.

Liane is interesting. I think there's a bit of reality to be had for her yet, as well. I admit I'd hoped to get someone as reliable at Robin, but she seems to be something else entirely. I'm concerned about her lack of combat skills. I can't afford to be worry about her while she's out. And Robin can hardly be expected to handle situations for them both. She's dangerously unskilled. Relies far too much on deciet, which is useful, but covers don't last forever. I hope she's a decent shot, at least.

Victoria seems to be doing well enough at large. Her concept of boundries is somewhat off, however, and I may have to have a word with her about Fengxia. Pushing one's crewmates just because one can is not acceptable. I think she means well. She's just not observant enough to pick up on Xia's cues, and knowing Xia, that could be a serious problem. Combat's not as important for a ship's mechanic, but I wish I didn't feel like anyone could walk onto my ship and take out most of my crew members with very little skill or discipline.

Dex, thankfully, seems to have some notion of the importance of training. He'll be an excellent sparring partner. And he's the only one who seems to have managed to /not/ set anyone on edge yet.

Wode tìan. This could end up a disaster. This mission is touchy, and I feel as though I've been handed a group of half-trained amateurs with which to complete it. Fengxia and Robin I trust implicitly, but it certainly isn't Xia's field. And it's simply not fair to rely on Robin as much as I'm tempted to.

We should make planetfall sometime tonight. I need to speak to Robin and Liane. I rather hope Thomas Parker died when he said he did.

Personal Entry, Encrypted: March 27, 2517 Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 11:33 pm
By my count, seven more days until Warrem. The crew is settling in. If you can call it that. It's certainly a change. There's a good deal more noise about the place than there used to be. They seem competent, certainly, although we've yet to have a situation that pushes our abilities. I admit that I'm somewhat anxious to see them in actual action. I feel uncomfortable, not knowing their limits. Not simply the limits of their skills, but their ability to handle this job. Several of them are new to shipboard duty. It's difficult to adjust to expecting the unexpected. Particularly when such long periods of our life are marked by days of nothing beyond the occasional training and preparation.

Perhaps I should make an effort to see where they each stand, in combat skills. Getting a feel for new people is difficult. Trying to do it for four at once, in a job such as ours... It's difficult.

Thomas Parker. Alive. His file is daunting, and has certainly only increased in complexity in the years since the war, if he is in fact alive and operating.

In the next few days, we need to adjust Nominus Umbra for transport. And I must decide how to go about testing the boundries of Warrem. How to find Mr. Parker. If that's the name he's using. Perhaps I should speak to Fengxia. Occasionally speaking to her gets my mind in motion, if nothing else. Odd, how her strange brand of logic can sometimes trip more useful associations for me.

This should be a busy seven days, I think. It's time to get this ship in shape.

OOC request: Mar. 5th, 2005 @ 07:22 pm
Hey Rooobin! If you get bored down there in the Phillappines, you could possibly spend some brief time thinking about how Alex and Robin interacted before the whole disaster. RPing with Liane today made me remember that I'd wanted to bug you before you left. Only I forgot. So any ideas you have about Robin's general demeanor during the time, and how that might have affected their relationship, would be awesome.

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